Un joven se suicida tras publicar su despedida en Facebook

Kieran Lister, un joven de 20 años, apareció muerto poco después de publicar en su cuenta de Facebook un post de despedida dedicado a su ex novia, a su familia y sus amigos. 

Un joven se suicida tras publicar su despedida en Facebook

Kieran Lister, un joven de 20 años de Leeds, en Reino Unido, ha conmocionado a todos sus seguidores de Facebook después de suicidarse tras publicar una despedida en su cuenta de la red social.

El texto, que iba dedicado a su ex novia Beth, quien cortó con él, a su familia y a sus amigos, ha sido compartido más de 23.000 veces yha recibido más de 63.000 reacciones.

Bajo el título 'No sé qué más hacer', Kieran explicaba que su novia había decidido cortar con él después de dos años de relación y, aunque no era mucho tiempo, no podía afrontar la situación de estar sin ella. A pesar de todo, el joven aclara que no es su culpa porque no estaban hechos el uno para el otro y él había hecho muchas cosas mal durante la relación.

El joven expone sus últimos deseos. Le gustaría que se interpretara para él la canción de 'El círculo de la vida' de 'El Rey León' y que alguien cuidara de Snoop, su mascota, hasta que se muera. Además, hizo pública una especie de testamento, donde decía que su coche y su piso debería heredarlos Beth y que usara su cuenta bancaria para pagarlos, entre otras peticiones.

Finalmente, Kieran pidió perdón a todos aquellos a los que ha herido con su decisión y pide a Facebook que no se borre su post. Poco después, el joven apareció muerto.

I don't know what to do anymore. My girlfriend of over 2 years (yes you may think it's a short period) has decided we aren't good for each other anymore - 2 years is a long time to bond, to be happy with. Now we are separating I don't feel like I can cope without her full love any longer. She was and still is my everything. I don't think i will be able to get over this. I don't want to wait till I get over the situation because she's the only one that's ever made me truly happy. This isn't Beth's fault at all, we both just weren't right for each other in the end. I did a lot of bad in the relationship that may of led up to this. From day one to the end, I should of cared the same as I did during happy times.
I guess people slowly move apart from each other and I would do anything to stop this but it's something that I have no control over.
I know I'm being selfish considering I have my two families (Mckinney & Delaney, my dog snoop, my reptiles & my princess Bethany Delaney.
I'd like to wish upon everyone to listen to these last wishes.
To remember the good times I shared with people I'd like my favourite song to be played for me - Lion King circle of life. I would like someone to look after snoop for me until he joins me. He's looked after me through hard/good times and I'm sure he will look after whomever chooses to take it upon them.
The flat and car I own, is now Beth's. Use my bank account to pay for it & the clothes I have that are worth money, eBay them to get more for it (don't throw them it's pointless). Once you have enough money to get a place better, make sure you are moving out with someone that cares. That won't just be there for the meantime, then move out but please take the photo on the wall with you. Please sell all my belongs, like consoles and everything that's worth something, the furniture, once you are done with, give to someone else that's in need and looking for somewhere to live. I wish everyone to look after each other, stop falling out and remember how precious life is. The presents I have bought (beth they're in loft), take them and have a good Christmas, a happy one. It's what I want & a lot of thought went into them.
As I'm writing this upset and I can see snoop feeling the pain I'm feeling while whining (either that or he's hungry lol)
I'm sorry to all the people I have hurt, let down and just generally upset. If I could I'd make everyone forgive me but I'm not god. Yet. I am not a believer of god, I'm just imagining someone powerful, who's indestructible. I wish I was.
Please Facebook, don't take my post down. The reason I'm writing this for Facebook is because maybe this note will leave an eye opener to the people that are looking for happiness, something I've looked for my whole life. I want my family and friends to read this and to know, I care. I love everyone so dearly. I'm out. Don't try save me it's what I want.
"let's play hide and seek but never stop looking for true happiness."